What Is Next For This Blogger

I have been blogging for a few months & it’s been a journey but one I have loved. My goal is to take this blog further. I am looking into Kickstarter to raise money to do just that, take it to the next level. The next level for me with this blog is to travel & experience new adventures. 

I want to be able to interview local celebs & share new talents in the DMV. I still have my bucket list which I have accomplished some things but I still have others to accomplish. 

I’m enjoying this journey & my goal is to always share with my followers. As I share my journey I hope to increase my followers. I do plan to create t-shirts with my blog name on them as well as my artwork.

 I am still writing my next book that is a continuous of my first book which is still available for purchase.  I will admit I haven’t been writing as I should so the next book release has been delayed. Although I have successfully published one book my goal is to continue to publish more. I thank everyone for their continued support. 

Sharing my blog & purchasing my book is always appreciated.

STRUT OF THE PUCK available at http://www.anazon.com