Crooked Zebra

Last night was a make or break game & I was worried that the Wizards would crumble. The fans entering the game all had that look of worry on their faces & some had even prepared themselves for the end of the Wizards.

Yes the rain didn’t help the mood but because of it eighteen thousand fans showed up to cheer them on & boy was it loud.

First to get us all excited for the game was Caleb Green who sang the national anthem, he usually sings for Caps game. But I am gonna have a rant moment right now, because what gets under my skin is when I see fans not respecting the anthem by talking & walking. When the anthem is being sung shut the hell up & don’t freakin move. For five minutes you can stand & be quiet, geesh so okay I’m done ranting.

The PWC Club did not have the Duce Girls present which made some fans question why.

The Wizard Girls & the mascot got the crowd pumped & kept them that way throughout the game. There were a few Celtic fans but not many. The fans continued to yell Defense. Of course they had a 50/50 raffle and Dress & Dribble game for the fans to play. Then I got to meet & chat with the beautiful Gia Peppers whom I see often during the game. The game & night was intense but I am relieved that we survive to play another game.