Only If You Believe 

Tonight we all watch with anxiety the Wizards play. I know faith in what our DC teams can do is fading with every team. It hasn’t been easy since the Caps got eliminated. And now we watch to see what the Wizards & Nats do to raise our spirits. I believe that one of our teams will do it for us but not sure which one. The one thing I have more than anything is faith, faith that one of our teams are gonna bring home a trophy. 

Am I nervous about tonight, yes I  am but do I feel my Wizards can get a win tonight, yes of course. I truly believe that when you believe anything is possible. I do hope that everyone comes out to support this team & show pride.

I say we gotta keep believing & have faith in our DC teams. 

Playoff/ Round Two/ Game 6 it’s all or nothing