Down The Rabbit Hole

It’s the day after a Caps lost and of course its raining which doesn’t make anyone’s mood better. And while many fans are heart broken & expressing themselves. We still have the  Wizards & Nats going strong so there is still hope for this city & sports.  Am I mad or saddened by the loss, a little, but the team did last longer than expected & the fact that the Caps screwed with the Pens psyche & threw them off their game for a minute is worth any trophy they could ever win. 

This year my team made it to the seventh game in the second round & that wasn’t easy. So next year my Caps will go further & by the time my team wins the Stanley CUP we will have a whole new team. Yes like so many I would have loved for them to go onto the next round. But for some unknown reason the Caps can’t stop falling down the rabbit hole. 

Watching the Caps play is like watching Groundhog Day & Alice In Wonderland at some point their going to repeat history & or go falling down a rabbit hole.

I get it emotions are at a raw state but what everyone seems to forget is that this team did accomplish one thing they lasted the entire second round.  So instead of ridiculing them let’s for once be supportive and proud of what they have accomplished this season.

I am very proud of my team & I can only hope that these guys will walk with their heads held high because against all odds they made it to the very last game in the second round.

As you can read I am a medley of emotions. I’m always looking at the bright side of any situation.  But no matter what I will continue to be a Caps fan win or lose. And I will always be proud to wear my jersey. 

Now that our season is over I might continue to watch the playoffs just to hopefully see the Pens be defeated.

Hey Caps players enjoy your time off & don’t dwell on the past look forward to next year. Have a blessed & safe summer.