Dearest Heaven Above

I don’t ask for much in life I’m always happy for what you provide me. I am always trying to respect mother earth & everything that surrounds it. But today I come to you in the humblest of moods to ask this of you. Today my Caps play & I would appreciate it if you could have a talk with the Gods Of Hockey & ask them if they would help my Caps win tonight. You see this is game seven & they really need to win this, I need for them to win this.

 I really want them to move forward & win the CUP so there can be a parade in DC.  All I want is a parade & to be honest I really don’t care who gives us the parade be it Caps, Wizards, Mystics, Valor, Redskins, Nats, & or DC United I just want a freaking parade. 

But it would mean a hell of a lot if my Caps win the Cup because that would shut up all the haters. So if you could have that talk with the Hockey God’s for me I would really appreciate it. 

Please & Thankyou