Light The Lamp

Tonight’s game was a nail bitter, high stressed game. From the start of the game I had faith but as the game continued my faith just diminished. I went through every emotion you could possibly think of. At one point I just wanted to run out of the Verizon Center clutching my hair & screaming “I can’t take this anymore” but yet I stayed. I didn’t watch the game because I didn’t want to watch the inevitable. But every time those Pens scored I wanted to cry. So yes every emotion. Being a Caps fan you will go through so many emotions & some you never knew you had. And the Caps proved why they should never be second guessed.

So here is my not so understanding about tonight game. Crosby was said to have had a concussion from the last game but yet he was playing tonight. But any way the Caps won. And as my Facebook friend put it so eloquently “Not Today Pittsburgh, Not Today”.

The Caps play Penguins again in game 6.