Dropping The Gloves

These last few days have gotten ridiculously insane. I am always expressing my views on many topics but I try my best to be careful with my words because I know words have power. It seems that some people have forgotten about that.  It is just a shame that Pittsburg media have become one sided all because Crosby is injured. I get it the Pittsburgh fans are upset but this is high anxiety time during the playoffs. But the Pittsburgh media need to back the fuck off of the Caps & Ovi. 

I just feel that the Pittsburgh media has spent way too much time writing about Alex Ovechkins past transgressions against the Penguins that they have forgotten about their own teams transgressions.

Everyone has a right to their own opinions but when you start to attack and try to demonize an NHL team & their players is when you have crossed the line. 

There is one journalist who has forgotten that saying “words have power” because he has insinuated that the Caps & Ovi had it out for Crosby, and other nonsense with nothing to back up his accusation. And that is all it is a bunch of nonsense. 

I am not surprised by all the haters that have surfaced because when you are that good that’s what happens. 


The one good thing about all this media hoopla is it has everyone talking. There is one quote that I like.

” Are we really adding anything to the conversation if we’re just writing incediary things we may not even believe to get clicks?”


 Tonight the Caps play the Penguins