Staying Alive!!!!

As I sit on my back porch to enjoy this beautiful weather I am filled with a certain amount of relief knowing my Caps are still in the playoffs. I had my doubts that they could pull off a win but they did. I did a lot of praying to the “hockey gods” for some help. And of course the game started slow with neither team getting a goal. I had to walk away & do other stuff like warm up my dinner just so I wouldn’t have to watch the game. As soon as I finally got the nerve to sit & watch they were ahead but I knew I couldn’t celebrate just yet so I waited. Right now I still haven’t really celebrated because we have two more games to win. But the fact we have survived to play another game is awesome. I truly believe these players really want it STANLEY CUP and will fight for it to the bitter end. I have faith but my faith does yo-yo like most fans but it’s not that I don’t believe because I do but this team does take there fans through many moods. So here we go to play in game four. 



  1. Goalie says:

    Enjoying your Caps postings


    1. GeekyChick says:

      Thank you I hope you will continue to read my blog


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