Nature Of The Beast


And tonight I sit & watch the Rangers vs Senators. I’m neither fan but it’s hockey so I watch. I know I should be watching basketball because Wizards are playing but I find hockey more exciting. I am rooting for Wizards because I do want them to stay in the playoffs.

I’ve been reading how the Penguins believe the hit on Crosby was planned which I find to be absurd. It’s hockey which is fast paced and a rough sport. I see all the time players getting slammed into boards, hit with sticks and everything else. Although I may not like Crosby I would never want him to get seriously hurt. I do pray for his quick recovery because the game will not be the same without him. So yes I do want to see Crosby back on the ice before the playoffs end. As for my Caps when they take to the ice tomorrow night they will have to be on guard & protect Ovi because the Pens will come for him. 

Tomorrow night’s game will be the game to watch.