Random Rambling Of A Mindful Mind

It’s been a few months of me blogging and I love it because I can let my creative juices flow at any point. Over these few months I have acquired followers and readers from all over the world which amazes me. I have readers as far as India reading my blog.  When I started this blogging journey I had no real idea of where I wanted to take this blog & to be honest I still don’t but I am enjoying this beautiful journey. I am always thankful of the followers I do have but to get more and also exposure for my blog would be awesome. I know my readers have busy lives but if you can please share my blog with those around you. 

As the weather gets warmer I am reminded of people lack of clothing. I myself plan to be a little daring this summer by wearing a bikini which I had not worn in many years & I plan to document because although I don’t have the perfect body I am satisfied with what I have. Right now I am dealing with allergies and the meds help some but those who suffer with allergies know what that is like.

Now to the Caps & Wizards I’m not sure if both teams will last in the playoff but I am always optimistic. Then there is the National &Valor that have games. My plan is to go to a Nats game during their season.

When I  travel through this beautiful city I am always in wonder for instance those that walk around with their pants sagging I know they know where it started but they don’t care. But why??? I love to explore my city because I always find something more that I miss. My plans are to explore my city and blog about it.

Please share my blog with family, friends and colleagues.