Rambled Bumbled Thoughts

It’s Friday & I am sitting on my bed in my oversized pajama shirt watching hockey Predators vs Blues at least until Reign comes on I know I should be watching Wizards but not in the mood. Im a hockey nut I love the fights I really don’t understand the game and I’m being real. As I am doing this my cat Butter is entertaining himself by running from one window to another.

Life has taught me to have no regrets along with lessons. I have learned never to let anyone tell you, you can’t do something. Yes it will take you time to do it but stay the course because the rewards will come and never give up.

For me it has taken me time to find my niche, my passion, what makes me who I am.

I’ve been writing since I was in school I continued throughout my adult life. I’d write a lot of poetry I have many notebooks filled with my words. A few years ago I wrote my first book Strut Of The Puck (AMAZON. COM) which took me a year to publish because of my insecurity, my lack of faith in self but I learned that sometimes you just have to do it & I did. I then tried to give a copy of my book to a Washington Capital player but I totally flubbed that I stood right in front of him & froze like a deer in headlights. I ended up walking away never giving him my book I returned home & cried. I have tried on many occasions but I do that self talk &  never give him my book. 

That self talk can be good but it can also be bad & dangerous. I know everyone does that self talk but for me, my self talk has been paralyzing especially when I try to give this Caps player my book. My greatest fear is that he will not like it. I know it’s all in my head but that self talk is what preventing me. I have had many who have read it and have told me how much they like it.

I was close to finishing my second book which I named Butterfly but again that self talk has prevented me from finishing & I was close. When I am blogging my self talk creeps in but I continue not sure why. I wonder what is the difference between the two or if there is a difference.

I can’t say when my second book will be released.