Rumble In Chinatown Or Unconsolable Fan

Tonight the Caps meet their rival Pens & yes I am worried because this is Round Two our monster. Round Two has always been our  monster that we have fallen in defeat too. I have faith in my Caps and I always will but my anxiety is high when we go into the second round. I do know what will happen if we lose in the second round and it will be no surprise to me. I will end up on my bedroom floor in tears singing Celine Dion My Heart Will Go On & then asking why & unconsolable for two weeks. My family will know exactly what has happened & will give me space. Although my lovable hubby will open the bedroom door and try to give me words of solace like there is always next year which will lead me to scream & yell that’s not good enough and through my sobbing I will say how badly I wanted them to get past the second round.

 Although this playoff time I have a different outlook. I am positive that my team will give these Pens a fight & will not go down easy. Somewhere deep, deep in my soul I believe we can beat this monster that has beaten us more times than I would like to say. Yes we are going up against our rival & yes they are good but we are better & stronger. This playoff year it’s different because my team wants to get past the second round & they want the Stanley Cup. 

But even if they don’t win the Cup I will be ecstatic if we just get past the second round because neither I nor my hubby wants me to be on the bedroom floor in tears & singing.