And Battle For The Cup Is Still On

The other day both DC teams won and that just raises everyone anxiety. So at the Wizards game I see a lot of things some I can’t explain. I understand for some going to the game is a show & tell and others it’s there only way of meeting a guy. I watched a lady walk into the club & she looked like she was ready to work a pole but she did succeed in one thing every guy was looking at her. To me she looked like a hoochie momma. I really don’t get it, it’s a sports game there is no need to dress like you about to go clubbing or work a strip pole.  I think these women forget that the players can’t see them. Every game there is always some woman dressing ridiculous or wearing shoes that hurt. If you ever get an opportunity to go to a basketball game you will find the fans that come are more interesting than the game. Then my Caps are still in the running for the Cup. I still have faith and will always be optimistic about my team. The Caps play tomorrow.