Yesterday I went to take Buttercup to the vet to get spayed and then I get a phone call from the vet and this is how the call went.

Vet: Mrs. Jackson I have some bad news to tell you.

Me: My cat died!!!

Vet: NO! Mrs Jackson your cat is fine it’s just she is a he.

Me: You gave my cat a sex change. All I wanted was her to be spayed, put back whatever you took out of her, change her back.

Vet: NO! I didn’t give her a sex change. 

Me: My cat is a hermaphrodite.

Vet: NO! She is a he. Your cat was never female it’s always been male.

Me: Since when

Vet: Since a kitten

Me: Well, how does anyone confuse balls for a vagina. 

Vet: I don’t know but a donor is paying for his surgery. I guess you will have to change his name.

Me: Thank you. Yeah! Well, that explains a lot. I guess I will have to change his name.

So now I have two male cats and I’m just thinking about calling him Butter he responds to that name. He is recovering fine although he hates the cone. I will be making a donation to the animal hospital to help others who can’t afford these operations. I know if it wasn’t for the donor my cat would never be ableto get the operation.