Advice On Dating For The Single Lady

As I read stories about single women getting “catfished” and basically getting taken for everything they have along with  their hearts I decided to give my advice on the subject. I know from personal experience dating is stressful and finding “Mr. Right” is even harder. I truly believe there is no such thing as Mr. Right. But I do believe in love and happiness. These are my advice.

There are a lot of dating websites and many places for singles to meet. I don’t have a good suggestion but wherever you meet the guy choose wisely. If you do a website be very careful not to give too much information about yourself. And never trust what you are reading about that person. 

 When deciding where to go for your first date be choosy but not too choosy. The guy you are going out with on a date may not have a lot of money. 

 Never date anyone from work or your siblings friends because if it doesn’t work out it can lead to an awkward situation for all involved.

When you exchange phone numbers never be the first to call. Let that guy call you first and keep the conversation short. In the conversation ask about his job and if he doesn’t work than that’s a red flag. Also if he still lives with his parents that’s a red flag. If he has roommates that’s fine but if they are female be suspicious.

When going on your first date never have the guy meet you at your place, meet the guy at the place you are going. And let family & friends know where you are going and with who. Once on your date take pictures and send to a friend or family so if anything happens they will know where you were.

Be observant of your date and how he is dressed. A well dressed shaved guy says a lot. But if he curses like a sailor that’s a red flag.

 When your walking with the guy on the sidewalk he should be the one walking close to the street not you. Your date should also be opening the door and pulling out the chair for you. If he doesn’t do these things then be suspicious.

 Your date should be paying not you but always have money on hand and never let him know. Your date should be willing to pay for you to get a Uber or Cab home and if not that’s a red flag.

Never kiss or have sex on first date because that says I’m desperate. 

A Little Tidbit 

Be honest about what the two of you expect out of the relationship, whether it’s just friends with benefits, casual dating or marriage.

If it’s just “friends with benefits” be clear because that can be confused with being exclusive. If you can avoid that type of relationship.

There are still a few things you should never do and that is never give access to your bank account or any credit cards. Never live together while dating because it always ends badly. 

Take it slow don’t rush to be more than a date. Be smart about what you want in a relationship. Get to know each other.

 If you do have a late night out and you have to stay at his place sleep separately no matter what don’t give into temptation.

At some time during the dating months show him your natural state (no makeup & hair unmade). KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON.

Do not limit yourself to dating one guy but be honest with your date and let him know you are dating other guys. Honesty is very important in any relationship.

I will always stress safe sex or no sex. If your gonna have sex get tested and make sure you see the results. If he refuses than that is a red flag he is hiding something. It’s important that the two of you share your past sexual escapades so that it’s no secret. 

Always remember no relationship is perfect. And no man is perfect, we all have flaws. But love and respect is real.