Sunny Days, Open Windows & Cold Night

So yesterday before I go to the Caps game my hubby decides to mow the lawn. As he is mowing the lawn I just happened to look outside the bedroom window and see the lawnmower on fire. I with my 

brother in law take buckets of water to put out the fire we have a fire extinguisher that did nothing. The blessing is hubby didn’t get hurt. At least he did finish the lawn before the mower caught fire. I’m not sure what caused it to go up in flames. It was a used mower we had for awhile. Now we will be purchasing a new mower soon not a used one. 

So after that drama ended I go to the Caps game which is the last game of the season before the playoffs. The Caps lost to the Predators.

Rumor has it that the Caps will not have to play the Penguins until we are playing for the Stanley Cup. Of course this is what I have been hearing floating around the rumor voices. I think it has something to do with how we and the Penguins are placed on the chart. And if that is true then that would work in our favor and maybe, just maybe we can get passed the dreaded second round. The second round has always been our death. By the time second round comes I’m ready for the  straight jacket. During the season I’m calm and cool but as soon as playoffs hit I’m a basket case. Of course this is all rumor about the Penguins so we will see if it is true.

I will take some time before I go to the Caps game and go to Kettler to watch the guys practice. I just not sure when. 

As I sit on my back porch today enjoying this warm weather I’m reminded just how blessed I really am.