Big Night & Awesome Win

Last night was opening night for the Valor. The energy was high with expectation of a winning team. As I walked into the arena I got a chance to see the Valor & Brigade practice and the Valorettes rehearse their dance. I was so amazed at the layout of the field. This arena football is very much more fan friendly than any other sport I’ve seen. The fans get to interact closely with the players and when a football gets out of bounds the fans get to keep it. The Valorettes was entertaining. I have a feeling that arena football will be more popular and have a greater fan base then the other DC teams. I see a future for the Valors in DC. If you have yet to see a game I strongly recommend you get a ticket. The next game is April 22nd.

The Valor beat the Brigade.

Then DJ Kool came out to perform during halftime and I jammed out.

Now it’s time to cheer on the Wizards & Caps in the playoffs.

Last night during the game my good friend and Caps buddy bought me a Caps poster and a signed Braden Holtby figure and that made my day.

I do have one suggestion to make I feel the PR team need to get the Valor players out in the community. Have the Valor players attend games for the DC teams so that other team fans can get to know them. I say make the Valor players just as recognizable as a Caps, Wizards, Redskin and National player. This is just my suggestion.