Have You Ever Wondered??????

I sometimes wonder about things that may seem trivial. When I ride the bus I am never surprised that riders use the bus as their therapist but I kind of wonder why. I get it we all need someone to talk too but I’d like to have a quiet bus ride. 

And why is it when summer starts people just decide to take it all off. The other day I saw a woman walking down the street wearing a t-shirt as a dress and it was a little windy and you could see she was wearing a thong, a thong is not panties, it’s a butt floss. Yes I call them butt floss and that’s fine if that’s what you like to wear I just care not to see it. Just because the weather is warming up doesn’t mean everyone wants to see you in less.

I watch a few of the court shows like People Court, Judge Judy, Paternity Court etc. As I watch these shows some of these cases are just stupid and I wonder if any of these litigants ever get paid any money when they win. It’s like now people sue for anything & everything & the only people making money are the lawyers. I know to file a case cost money so you have to wonder if it’s worth it.  Then as I watch Paternity Court I find it just shameful how these women sleep around and they just don’t know or guess who they baby daddy is. And I just wondered what are these people thinking obviously not thinking about the consequences.

I am always wondering why anyone would want to walk around with their pants to the knee. I was on the bus one evening & this guy was standing in front of me with his pants down I saw more of his under wear than I care to see. Don’t get me wrong I was glad to see his under wear was clean but I found it disrespectful so I pull up his pants. He turned around to apologize but I stopped him in mid apology to let him know that if he really was he would have pulled them up a long time ago. Now it’s just not men but women I truly believe if you gonna walk around with your pants down then just don’t wear pants.  If people really knew where it came from they would stop.  And wearing your pants down to your knee prevents you from running from police etc.

I find life can have you wondering about a lot of stuff and when you put down the cellphone and look around you will find that life can be entertaining.