Winning Spirit Of The Humbled OR Death By Home Ice

Last night I worked the Caps game and I wasn’t prepared for the game because I didn’t dress as warm as I usually do so I was freezing at times. Of course it was busy there were as many Ranger fans as Caps. It was a rivalry night. But we won and it wasn’t easy and first period went by with no goal and well into the second period and just when second period was about to end that’s when the Caps got a goal. But the Caps won the game.

So the Caps won Home Ice, President Trophy, #1 seed in the Eastern Conference & Metropolitan Division Crown. I can only pray this doesn’t jinx us or be our death sentence in the playoffs. 

The Caps are the first team since 2011-12 Vancouver Canucks to win consecutive President Trophies. 

Caps beat Rangers 2-0

Caps player Nate Schmidt finally explained his mohawk. It involved a hotel, bathroom, a razor, and team mates. I would have loved to have been the fly on the wall when it all took place.

Word was getting around that the Caps have a new display of sticks at the Verizon Center of course I could not go to investigate because as you all know I’m much needed in the Club. Then who do I see non other than the beautifully talented Capitals Analyst for CSN & Monumental Sports & Entertainment Courtney Laughlin and my good gal pal. She is the daughter of long time color commentator for Caps Craig Laughlin. It’s always great to see her when she can come to a game although she didn’t bring her hot & sexy brother (wink, wink) I forgive her this time (giggles).  

Last night was still an awesome night. Looking forward to the Valor game on Friday.