And So Goes I 

Today started out early and it’s still not over so it’s a long day. I attended a career fair which was for me disappointing because even though I passed out resumes I was told that I need to apply online. I always wondered why have a career fair (job fair) if your not interviewing on the spot. I know once the playoffs are finished then my job is over other than some Valor games which are very few. I arrive at work early only to find out that it’s a late game, silly me didn’t look at my schedule & I had in my head that is was a 7pm game. While I was sitting around waiting I got to see a Valor player, don’t know his name or position.

I have now been diagnosed with having Plantar Fasciitis which if you never had it you are blessed because it’s very painful. I’m now on medication and I have to wrap my feet and wear insoles. So for now I am on pills, if that doesn’t work then I will have to take shots in the foot and the last option is surgery which I don’t want.

Today has been such a beautiful day, warm with a little wind. And while I am enjoying this weather soon I will be at work freezing my butt off working the Caps game. I’m very excited that both teams are going to the playoffs but I am anxious. 

As far as my feet are concerned I will be doing what I have to, to make sure I’m as comfortable as I can be. This is going to be with me forever.