Somewhere In Between 

Good morning loves, today is a brand new day to do new things. Today is a day for the living so rejoice in what this day can bring. So as I make my way on this rainy day I am excited about what this day can bring.

Today is the start to a busy week for me I have two job interviews this week but not sure if it will lead to jobs but I am always hopeful. I’m also dealing with Plantar Fasciitis and my tolerance for pain is low. The pain from it isn’t getting any better.

Lately I have been snap chatting more than usual now. So if you haven’t started following me than go ahead.

This month is playoffs and both my teams are going and it’s also the start of Valor games. I have no idea about arena football but my interest has perked. And I can’t forget that baseball has begun.

I have been doing exercises for my Plantar Fasciitis but I still got to get better shoes and tape to wrap my foot along with a splinter for night. I’m worried that I will need to have surgery but I do want relief from the pain. I’ve been taking the pills but I am still in pain.

This morning I am watching Catfish the TV show. I like this show they help people find out the truth. I know that on the Internet you can be anything you want and whoever you desire. I choose to be me on the Internet  because I find me to be like no other.

I haven’t been blogging that long and I am still learning about this. I know I’ve probably made mistakes with this blog but that’s what life is all about, finding your way and learning to enjoy the journey. And this journey I’ve embraced and I am glad to take and even happier that my readers are with me and have decided to stick with me.

I have been looking into ways of getting more readers to subscribe but I feel that I shouldn’t worry about it and just have faith. Faith is what I have an abundance of.

I can actually see me doing this as a career, blogging not particularly about one subject but about many.

I’m keeping the faith that both my teams will win the playoffs.