Food Fight

As I cook some of the foods that I like to eat I think about all the diet commercials I see. I feel if you deny yourself the foods you enjoy, you will gain weight. And if you really think about it all these diet shakes, pills and food once you stop them you will gain what you lost. I say don’t deny yourself just eat in moderation. I get it obesity is real problem but the solution is not to hop on the latest diet craze. You got to eat veggies and walk & never eat after 8pm if you can. Your body needs time to digest your food but also drink water which I am guilty of not drinking enough of.

The TV bombards you with so many diet commercials I find it annoying. Then let’s talk about the people they show who have so called lost weight these are actors no matter what the commercials say and the celebrity’s are paid to promote the product. The commercials for weight loss products  are deceptive. You can loss the weight but it takes time & work. You gotta be willing to put in the work.