Boo Boo & Buttercup 

Being a fur mommy of two cats isn’t easy. Boo Boo is a male and he is laid back but is camera shy so I am lucky if I get a picture of him. On the other hand Buttercup is a female very active and loves the camera. She loves looking at herself in the mirror. She is an indoor cat while Boo boo is both. I do take Buttercup outside but I have a leash harness on her. Right now I don’t let the two interact with each other without me around because Buttercup is a little aggressive towards him. I will be getting Buttercup spayed soon. Boo Boo never fights back he usually runs away. Both cats are rescues I refuse to purchase animals from pet shops etc because there are so many animals that need homes that are in shelters. Boo Boo is my hubby cat and Buttercup has become mine but both get a lot of love from both of us.