Game Day Fights, Hits & Intensity 

Well, yesterday was not at all what I was expecting but I’ve learned when it comes to the Caps always expect the unexpected. The game started out slow with neither team getting a goal. Into the second period things changed and Caps like a sleeping giant woke the hell  up and then it became a physically intense game. Soon shit just started to unravel with Ovi hit on Werenski. Ovi who must have been feeling himself started fighting. I don’t believe I have ever seen Ovi fight but that he did and he whipped ass but of course our tasmanian devil of a  player aka Tom Wilson came rushing over to either protect or help our captain but Ovi didn’t need it. Ovi took care of business and he pounded our opponent into the ice and during the twenty minute ass whooping  no blood hit the ice(just thought you should know). Of course the NHL will be reviewing the hit Ovi did on Werenski before the beat down. I have seen many a physical games but nothing like yesterday. It was so physical our captain who usually leaves the fighting to Tom Wilson threw down. All I can say is our captain is not the one to be messed with. Yesterday’s game should be a warning to our future opponents DON’T COME FOR US, we will not back down, this is our season. The Stanley Cup is ours.

Coach Trotz wants all Caps fans to bring positive vibes & energy to the team & games. So it’s time to break out the sage and do some praise dancing. So Caps fans, let’s do this, let’s be the loudest fans, LET’S ROCK THE RED! BIG TIME! Let’s show up and be counted. THIS IS OUR TIME! LET’S UNLEASH THE FURY!!!! 


Nate Schmidt has a mohawk