Let’s Talk!!!!!

So the weather is getting warm and it will soon be wedding time. I’ve watched many shows like Four Weddings, I Found The Dress & Say Yes To The Dress I’m surprised at how much people are willing to pay for a dress, a dress you will only wear once, maybe. The price you pay for a gown you can put towards buying a home because once you are done with the dress you can’t sell it for what you paid for it. I get it you want everyone to know you are about to be married but you shouldn’t go into debt. And actually the wedding isn’t for the couple it’s really for the parents but again no family should go broke.You can have a really nice wedding for under a thousand dollars. I say take that money your going to spend for a wedding and buy a home or invest in your future. 

If your a couple living in an apartment and about to spend over five thousand dollars on a wedding that’s just stupid crazy. Then take the money you get at your wedding and use it to buy stuff for your home. All I’m saying is be smart not dumb about your wedding. And ask yourself who are you trying to impress and why.