Yippee ki-yay

Good morning loves today is a new day to do new things. Tomorrow can not be revisited so make the most of this day. Make the most of it.

Last night I worked the Wizards game which was a late game. The game started with the Hawks in the lead then it was tied but my Wizards won. Tonight my Caps play and even though I have to double in clothing I am looking forward to this game. So I heard that both teams are in the playoffs which is awesome.

And I bought my cats Boo Boo & Buttercup a cat tree and they both like it a lot. Buttercup is very energetic she loves to climb & she loves laying in the window. I am going to have her spayed. Boo Boo is 4yrs old and Buttercup is 2yrs old. Boo Boo is more chilled than Butter and I think that has a lot to do with their age. Butter is more affectionate and craves attention. 

This morning after I did my morning prayer ritual I then watched Jerry Springer. I just don’t understand why any woman would fight over a man and I’m really dumbfounded when men find out the woman they had sex with really wasn’t a woman but a man. I can look at them and can see they’re men. But that says a lot about these guys, it says when their desperate to get off they don’t care who gets them off. I also watch court shows & have learned a lot like never loan money because you will never get it back. And never put your business on FB because it can be used against you in court. It’s best to live alone than to have room mates or live with a boyfriend. If you are dating never inter mingle your money and always make sure you get a receipt for everything. Never co-sign for anything. And when you do get married never get a joint account.

I do watch this show called paternity court & these people that come on their are at times shameful. Sometimes the women don’t know who their baby daddy is and would admit to sleeping around and some would just give a guys information just because they had the most information on that guy and that guy would turn out not to be the father. I always stress to wrap it up because you can at any given time be accused of being the father. 

There is a lot that can be learned from watching these shows. So I am so looking forward to the playoffs. 

Go Caps! Go Wizards!