A Brief Moment 

Last night was super on marvellous my Caps won. For a brief moment of a second both teams were tied and I actually assumed we would lose but wholly molly we dug deep in our skates and prayed to the hockey God’s and we won. Now I still don’t know if the Wizards are in the playoffs I guess I will find out tonight which is a late game.

Well, I was on the bus yesterday heading to work and I sat down in the seat and this woman behind me just pulled my hair. I turned around and she says “oh I’m sorry”  I wanted to say “no you not bitch, you just wanted to see if my hair was real”. But I accepted her apology then she says “you have beautiful hair” I smiled and turned around because she didn’t need to know I have a weave. So three bus stops into the the ride a drunk funky ass woman sits beside me and then she starts to lean on me to the point I push her off me and she lands on the floor of the bus. I didn’t mean for her to end up on the floor but I wasn’t going to let her lean all over me. Then she gets up and she can barely stand and her words are slurring as she is doing her best to curse me then she pees on herself. By this time I am at my stop so I climb over the seat in front of me because I wasn’t going anywhere near her and I leave. And my wild night did not stop when I got to work it only got wilder.