A Lot Of Everything 

So this weekend I had off and was able to relax and spend time with CJ (hubby). I treasure every moment I can get with my hubby because with our schedule we see each other in passing. I do get up very early with him and we talk while he is dressing for work. I did watch the Caps game and was so happy they clinched the Playoffs and tomorrow I go back to work Caps play. I follow RMNB (Russian Machine Never Breaks) blog and Ian Oland announced his wife Ashley gave birth to their child Ethan Wesley Oland. They named him after Capitals PA Announcer Wes Johnson. Ian talked so highly of Wes because this guy is so humble and I agree with Ian. I myself met Wes and to me he was just so warm & inviting and he made you feel like you were family. Ian talked about the best marriage advice Wes gave him and his wife he said “marry your best friend” and that is so true. When you marry your best friend, you can weather any storm that comes along. When I married for the second time I did it right, I married my best friend and we have never been happier. I admire Ian and I hope to one day be able to meet him and hopefully get some advice. I hope to one day have just as many followers of my blog as he does. I know my blog talks about many topics because that’s just me but I will always talk about my Caps.  As I read more of his blog I was so moved with emotion when he said this to his son “you don’t have to love hockey. You don’t have to play sports. I just want you to grow up and be the best iteration of yourself you can be.” That was so well said Ian I don’t think anyone could have said it better. To hear a father say that to his son is so incredibly beautiful and powerful. I always say words have power which is true. With words you can lift someone up and tear them down all in one sentence.  I know you and your wife will be awesome parents.

Congratulations may God continue to bless your family.