Snow, Wins And Everything Else

Good morning my loves we got snow yesterday but it was just enough to coat the ground and it didn’t stick which was good. Then I worked the Caps game and  the arena seemed colder than usual but I kept my jacket on and I did double up so I was able to work. The streets were nothing but a slushy mess and the wind was enough to make you regret going outside. My fur baby Boo Boo went outside but didn’t stay. While I was at work I was asked by a few people about my second book which I am still writing and have yet to finish. The only thing I could say is that I just didn’t know when I would finish mostly because I can’t come up with an ending that I like. I know I gotta finish and I will because I have readers wanting my books. What I will do is give little snippets of the book here until I finish and release just for the curious souls.

In the first book I introduce Magnus, Stefan & Rut and their love triangle. Magnus & Stefan are both hockey players with dreams of going to the NHL. Rut is a young beautiful woman who is forced to choose between two men, one who can give her the future she dreams of and the other an uncertain future. You will have to get the first book STRUT OF THE PUCK to find out who she chooses. 

The series I have named I’m calling it THE BLUE ICE SERIES.  

My book can be purchased on amazon.