Fur Mommy Adventure 

I have two cats Boo Boo and Buttercup both are rescue so the way I got Boo Boo is he was running around in the neighborhood. He kept coming into the yard so I started to put out food and after a month he let my hubby and I touch him then we just let him inside. We took him to the vet and he has been a part of our family for over a year. Then came Buttercup who was given to us by one of my FB friends and she has been a joy to us. Although she is very active but affectionate and she loves to look out the window all the windows. Both cats get along well so far but Buttercup always wants all the attention and will at times get in Boo Boo face which he will let her know to leave him alone. Now Boo Boo likes to roam the neighborhood so he goes out but comes right back. Buttercup will go out onto the porch but will hurriedly run back inside so we can see that she is an indoors cat. Our cats have so much personality I always say they remind me of Garfield(boo boo) and Otto (Buttercup) you know the Garfield cartoon. Boo Boo likes to eat and sleep and Buttercup she likes to run and climb and bug the heck out of Boo Boo. The other day I was showering and Buttercup jumps in the shower before I had time to close the shower door. I had to get her out the shower while trying not to get my hair wet and that was not easy because she was wet and then get her out the bathroom. Yes my cats know how to open doors so closing doors mean nothing to them. I will admit my cats are spoiled.