Protest/ March Then What?

I believe in the power of a protest but lately we are just having too many and they are beginning to interfere with every day life. And the fact that nothing becomes of it afterwards. I did participate in the first protest march. These protest are making no sense they have had “a day without immigrants” protest, and now they are about to have “a day without a women” protest. I agree that everyone has a right to protest but when it interfere with every day life than its wrong. Today a city had to close down an entire school system because the teachers decided not to show up and that has left a lot of parents scrambling for alternative child care and children who will not have a hot meal. And I see that as being selfish but at the same time I get it no one likes the president but it’s time to get over it & put your big adult panties on. I’m wondering what they will protest next? 

I’d like to know what my readers think about this “And Day Without Women” protest march.