What The French Toast & Banana?

I occasionally turn on Jerry Springer mostly to see what craziness he has going on. I’m never surprised that he always has mostly women fighting over men but there are times he has men doing the same. What I wonder is if he pays them to come on his show or if they are really that desperate for fifteen minutes of fame. Then there are the times he would have transexuals on there along with the people they have slept with and these people would act like they didn’t know. I do find it comical when they react because I feel that they knew but are under cover gay/ lesbian. I say all the time be careful who you sleep with.  

        Sometimes the thurst for fame can lead to bird brained choices like Danielle Bregoli “cash me oussid girl” the young girl appeared on the Dr. Phil show because of her behavior and now she is getting paid to make appearances at bars. And the sad part is her parents are exploiting her for money and no one has a problem with it. Why would anyone be okay with a young girl  hanging out at bars and fighting. This young girl is thirteen years old doing whatever it takes to stay in the media instead of going to school and getting an education. She has dropped out of school and neither parent has a problem with that and I believe that Dr. Phil was duped into believing that the mother was there to get his help. Of course we all now know she wasn’t she used Dr. Phil but his team should have investigated the mother before the show. Then it’s said that she might have her own reality show this will only end badly.  I wonder why Child Protective Services isn’t doing anything about it because when Honey Boo Boo had a reality show, Child Protective Services was all over that family and the daughter was in school, was well behaved than this girl and Child Protective Services has yet to do anything with the Bregoli family. But this has become our new reality if you can get five minutes on TV that’s all it takes and the wilder, volgur you can be the better. The parents of Danielle are really pimping her out for money because what parent would just let there child hang out in bars, fight and be home alone with a boy, not any parents I know. And any bars that would have a child & that is what Danielle is, a child in their establishment should have their license revoked and be investigated. This situation will continue until someone decides to step in until then the media will continue to quench her thirst for attention.