The Appreciative Soul

So yesterday I arrive at work as usual it was a Wizards game and I begin my routine before the doors open but little did I know that it wouldn’t be as routine. My boss calls us together for a meeting and reads a letter she and management received of very appreciative customers about the service that I and another co-worker had given. In that letter they commend me and another employee for going above and beyond their duties. To be honest I saw it as doing what any person would have done for some one in a time of need. I have to admit it feels so awesome to be recognized by customers of the service you try so hard to give each and every time. I got home that night and re-read the letter that was given to me by my management and I was just filled with so much joy. My job isn’t always easy and at times it can be frustrating but it is also never boring. Being a hostess is not a glamorous job and it’s definitely not for everyone but it’s one I have come to love. In life we all have to find ourselves, our niche, what gives us reason to be and this is it for me besides writing and my kids this is what gives me reason. Oh the stories I could tell of my time at the PWC( ACELA) Club and I have many. I’m so appreciative of the recognition.  And I will always be forever humbled by the experience.