The Expensive Side Of Cellphones 

Today cellphone has become a must have not a need or want because without one you are ass out. Years ago you could be without one and be okay because there were telephone booths. Cellphones were a luxury only for those who could afford one. I remember when I had to make sure I had enough coins to make a call not any more. There are a lot of cellphone companies to choose from AT&T, Sprint, Tmobile etc and all run a credit report on you before you can purchase which will let them know how much of a deposit to ask from you. So really getting a phone can be just as expensive as getting a car. I have learned that no matter how long you have been with a cellphone company you still have to give them a deposit on any upgrade you want. I learned my lesson the hard way I have been with a certain cellphone company for more than three years and during the last year I was having problems with my note 4. I figured that after they sent me the third refurbished phone and the problem was still not solved that I would call and they would happily up grade me with no problem. Boy, was I so wrong I was told any phone I wanted I would have to pay half and they would let me pay the rest in installments. And that is why I still have my phone and sad to say I’m still with the company mostly because I can not afford to go elsewhere. Of course when they sent me a survey I gave low scores and told them my unhappiness but they did not care because I haven’t heard from them. If you have ever walked into a cell phone store and looked at the prices of a phone they go from  $50-$1000. You almost have to wonder why they are so expensive. I’ve been having some mental debate with myself on if to just trade my note 4 for a simple flip phone or save up the money to get the phone I would like to have. I am realizing that customer service is not important to my cellphone company but I do have a tablet and I can do everything I need on it and that’s why I ask myself if I really need a smart phone. I figure since the phone I have will die on me and the cellphone company I’m with will not help unless I clump down a deposit then I am better off getting a flip instead of another smart phone. Again I am just debating. But then I could just go without. Decision, Decision????