The Wanton Voice

I’m gonna talk about dating & relationships because if your not careful you can end up meeting Jesus sooner than planned. And my brothers and sisters gotta start treating their dicks & pussy like social security numbers, you wouldn’t give out your social security number to anyone. 

I understand no one wants to be alone. We were never created to be alone but stop being so damn desperate. Get to know the person your interested in.

When talking to a person online don’t believe shit they say because online you can be anyone you want. And if they have a profile picture never think it’s theirs. Never give in to their sweet tell me not charm and if you agree to meet them then meet in a public place and never be alone with them.

Remember their are people out here who only goal in life to use other people. If the person you are talking to start to ask you for money early in the relationship don’t walk, run like your ass is on fire that’s a “red flag.”

Get to know the person and if they live with family and has no job “red flag” because you become their job. I’m gonna explain what I mean because some may take offense, we all at times in our lives fall on bad times,  when we have to live with family until we can get back on our feet it happens. But if the person you are talking to has no income at all and their not trying to get on their feet or better themselves then yes, run and don’t stop because that is a “red flag”. Also remember that there are families that live together because of their culture.

My brothers and sisters be secret squirrel about your money never let anyone know your bank information. 

So let say you want to take the relationship sexual before you hit that banana and cherry go get tested. And don’t just sit in the waiting room go with that person and watch them get tested then wait six months and get retested. If that person refuses to get tested or refuses to let you in the room to see them get tested or hear the results then run. Don’t be stupid about the banana and the cherry. And just “wrap it up, tie it up, bag it up”.You decision could either have you seeing Jesus early or being forever tied to that person financially. 

And whatever you do never live with that person no matter what it never works.

All I’m saying is I’m so tired of hearing about people getting taken for everything they have, catfish, and dying all because they let the banana and cherry take over their brain cells.