The Indiscriminate Voice

This morning I awake knowing that I have to work a basketball game & a caps lost. Before I get the day started I have a moment of prayer. I go to my Facebook and for some odd reason I watched the live feed of a zoo giraffe who is in labor but yet has delivered her baby but I wasn’t the only one watching. Then I read about a British mom of eight who said she can’t work because she is too pretty but she is on welfare and has an agent who books her appearances. I’m like bitch please you ain’t all that get a damn job but anyway I will not go there.

There are just too many reality shows on TV, two of them are based off of two different woman who went on YouTube and posted videos. Shit, I can get on my YOUTUBE Channel and give some very good advice. Then there is Four Weddings about couples competing to win a honeymoon. These women have to judge each other weddings by attending and that is cruel because if you don’t win then you have three other women to blame.Why the hell would anyone spend up to millions of dollars on a wedding that’s ridiculous. I say go to the courthouse and get married it’ll save you a lot of money and headache. Although I wonder why they stop showing Bridezilla that show was hilarious. 

Now about the many protest. I say it’s getting ridiculously out of hand because there are just too many. I get it we all have a right to protest but nothing really happens afterwards. If there were results after these protest than yes it was worth it.