Random Rambling Of Me

Yesterday the weather was so spring like it was unbelievable. On my way to my part time job I stopped by Walmart to get pens which I bought gel pens and then I went to Walgreens and bought a fountain pen. I’m learning how to write with a fountain pen and I like the way it writes. Later that day as I am leaving work I am approached by a woman who was trying to sell her metro card to get money to buy diapers. At first I was going to ignore her but something about her not sure what it was made me go ahead and help her. You see I usually ignore those who stand on the corner and beg for money mostly because it’s so many of them in downtown DC and a great majority of them are homeless.  Although DC does a number of street performers which I would at times give a money too because at least they are entertaining us. 

I have digress so now I will get back to the woman after I handed her the money I was going to follow her but decided not to because I felt like it wasn’t my business to make sure she did what she said she would do. I can only pray she did the right thing. 

I do feel for the homeless because we all are one paycheck away from being homeless. But at the same time these homeless people can become very annoying. I often wonder how many of them became homeless I know they must have an interesting story to tell. 

Later that night as I am sitting on the edge of my bed I happen to look down at my feet which is throbbing from me standing on my feet. I know I need to get a pedicure but as I look at my feet I feel my feet has a weird shape. I know when I go to get a pedicure I’m often embarrassed to show my feet but then I look around and I realize my feet may not be as bad as I think.

I have no idea if the Hoyas or Caps won. I’ve missed the Caps game because for some reason my dvr didn’t record but it’s okay they have a game on Friday.