The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Of Social Media

I am gonna talk about what I’ve been seeing lately on social media and that is people putting there personal business online. Yes social media is good for some things but not everything so stop using it as your therapist. I see people posting all kinds of stuff. I’ve heard people using it to breakup with people and to express anger for all the world to see. The older generation use to say all the time keep personal business at home and they right. When you put your business out there and some one gives a comment you don’t like then you get mad and start to have a war of words which goes no where. I know we live in a world where everyone wants to be open with each other but being too open isn’t always best. I do post on social media but nothing too personal. I have realized that the only people who need to know what I am really going through are those that are within the four walls of where I live. Just remember if you don’t want no one in your business than keep it off social media.