Some Times You Have To Say Bye

In life you have people who come and stay a minute, a second, a season, a maturity level and a lifetime. And everyone that does come into your life are there to teach you a lesson. I keep my inner space small and those that are in my inner space I can count on my hand. I have those that I interact with but they are kept at a distance. In life I have learned that you can’t help everyone. What I mean is if you open yourself up to help someone and they’re not trying to help themselves then it’s time to stop what your doing. There are people out here who’s only goal in life is to take advantage of others. I know it maybe hard to believe but it’s true. All I am saying is if you are helping someone and they are not doing anything to  help themselves like trying to get on their feet then they are taking advantage of your kindness and you just have to walk away and distance yourself from them. If you continue to help them and you know they are not doing anything for themselves then you are enabling them and you only have yourself to blame. 

I know it sounds heartless but I’ve learned from my life lessons that you have to think about self first. It doesn’t mean that you will never help out it just means that you will have a limit to what you will do for someone. And never feel guilty and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty. Then some times you just have to say goodbye for your own mental and physical health.