Book Give Away Contest(World Wide)

I have decided to giveaway twenty-five (25) signed copies of my book THE STRUT OF THE PUCK. To be able to include everyone in this contest I am asking that if you live outside the USA to pay $15 shipping and handling fee. I do have a PayPal Account.

My PayPal account information 


The rules are simple.

The contest is from February 12th thru March 3rd 2017
All you have to do is tweet or put it as your Facebook status this slogan “I want a free signed copy of The Strut Of The Puck by Velvet Venters so bad that it hurts.”

If you retweet  news of this contest, blog about it, put a link to this post on your Facebook page or promote it in some other way and show me proof it will count as an entry.

Once you are done then post your proof on my blog it can be a screenshot or whatever.

If you do not want to post your proof you can email me the proof. My email address is on my contact page. When sending email write in the header book giveaway.

Please note that if you are a new commenter on my blog. I have to manually approve your comments. It may take me a day to respond but your comment will count. 


Remember to leave a review for my book that you read. Reviews are like virtual word of mouth and we as authors appreciate hearing from you.