I just want to say from the beginning I’m no expert but what I am giving you is my advice. I want to talk about these different dating sites that are out there & there are many. When you are on these sites you have to be careful because you can not trust who you are talking too. And never give any personal information about yourself to anyone. As we all know we can be anyone online. When you go on your first date don’t give up the kitty or the wood so quickly to that person unless that’s all you want is a hump buddy and nothing more. Before you give it up go get them tested and if they refuse than walk away because they are hiding something from you. The one thing you don’t want to do is die from riding the wave. But remember if that person sleeps with you on the first date then that should be a “red flag.” And  whatever you do never give up your money no matter what that person says because you will never get it back.

If the person starts to try to impress you way to hard by flashing money etc. that is a “red flag” and what you need to do is run for the wall, climb the wall, hop over it and don’t look  back. You gotta remember a lot of these men & women are either in a relationship or trying to scam you out of your money.

Never ever live with a man or woman but if you do decide to live together always keep your financial situation private never give access. And you should write out an agreement about how to divide the bills and keep receipts.

Now when you get engaged you should not have a long engagement. If he/she keeps prolonging the wedding then it’s time to move on.

Now I am going to talk about those profile pictures always remember that the pictures they post may not be there’s. 

If you decide to go on a date let your love ones know and take pictures of the person you are with, their license plate, the car they driving & the restaurant you are at and send it to your love one or friend.

All I’m saying is stop being so desperate to be in a relationship that you would compromise everything about you.