Random Rambling (Six)

As I travel through my city I love I have realized I live in a very diverse city where anything and everything can become the latest fashion. Let’s take wearing holes in your jeans which I don’t understand why but people do. I’ve even seen stores sell them for enormous prices I wouldn’t buy them. And then there is the sagging of the pants. It’s a style I feel that young men should stop wearing young & old. I’m glad that these young men have on clean underwear but when your on a crowded bus a woman should not be subjected to having to look at all your goodies hanging out. I’ve been on many crowded bus where young men are standing in front of me with there pants sagging &  I had to pull there pants up because I got tired of looking at there underwear. If you don’t have respect for yourself at least have respect for the women your standing in front of. And for you older men who are walking around with your pants sagging, you need to stop it and be an example. Although I have seen a few women with sagging pants it’s something I just will not understand. The sad thing is everyone knows where it was started and they don’t care. All I am saying is no more sagging no one wants to see your freaking underwear.  And  when your pants are sagging it makes you walk like a monkey, ape, gorilla and why would anyone want to walk like that all day. And you can’t run from the police if you needed too. Maybe I should hash tag that, #nomoresagging.