And Nothing More

So I am slowly getting into the writing mood at least I have named it Butterfly. I’m adding more characters but I am trying not to fill this book completely with new characters. I want to develop the story without adding so much drama but I know drama is needed. Right now I’m trying to find a much needed balance between the drama and the sport of hockey. I want my readers to feel what the characters feel and to be drawn into the story. I hope to make this book better than the first which is a little stressful because I have been told that my first book is awesome. I am planning to have a book signing for both books or maybe just the first book but of course it cost money to put one on. Still thinking of ways to raise money so that I can pay for advertising and book signing events. I’d like for my readers to help me get my book out there…word of mouth is always good. So if you can help me with that it would be so appreciated. Pass it along.

THE STRUT OF THE PUCK by Velvet Venters