Poetry Page: Three

                                      I Stand

I stand outside

In the cold

In the snow

In the rain

In the ice

In the sleet

You may ask why I do this

Why I stand outside these very doors

These doors that hold the very excitement 

I stand along side all that wait in anticipation 

Who wait with baited breath

To see the gladiators

With their gloves on and sticks  in hand

Ready to do battle 

At last the doors that hold our anticipation

Open to a roaring crowd before them

As I walk through the doors

I can smell the cold ice

I can feel the coldness

I take to my seat 

But not before I fill my hands with all that I can take

My bones crave heat but I cannot leave

It’s not long before the gladiators enter the ice

This centuries gladiators ready themselves for battle 

Their blades sharpen to cut

Their focus on one thing

And one thing only

To bring there opponents down

I sit here to witness ones defeat

And ones victory