Getting Back To Where Pen Meets Paper

I was writing my second book and on a pace to finish but I stopped right in the middle of me completing. I’m not sure why and I often ask myself why especially when I have people asking all the time when I am publishing my second book. I know I need to finish. I’m always thinking of my second book it’s like I can’t stop thinking of it. The story plays over and over in my head. I sometimes debate with myself on how I should end the story. Yes I have been busy with work but my one goal is to finish this book and get it out there. So I am back to writing so that before this year is out I will have another published book. I’ve thought about releasing it on here but that is just an idea. If I do release it on here I will be breaking it up in parts so you will not be getting the entire story at once and also to keep you guessing as to what happens next. Of course this is just an idea. But I am writing once more and hopefully I will finish this second book.