Can We All Just Adult

So we now have a new president and of course he is not very liked. I will admit I voted for Hillary. Even though I didnt vote for Trump I am willing to give him a chance to prove himself. But it seems that this new administration has already proven that having him in office will be if anything comical. His first speech after becoming president was sort of grim and not at all what I was expecting. Then the White House Press Secretary held a press conference to attack the media that was a first. But what I didn’t like is how some media was going after Barron kids are a no-no. Now the first lady my opinion on her will remain open and I will just wait to form my true opinion on her. Again I am willing to give the Trumps a chance. The one thing I will not say is he is not my president because I live here in the United States so he is, he won and nothing will change that.
Now I did go and was a part of the Woman’s March On DC so that my voice could be heard among others and let the new administrative know I will not be quiet or still. I am so glad that it remained peaceful because rioting gets no where and I find it stupid to tear down/ up where you live. And I just wish those of you who say he not your president to stop it. If you live in the USA then he is your president so for once put on your big girl/boy pants and get over it. But we live in a democracy that we feel we can say whatever we like. Although some of us are learning that words have consequences and we should be careful what we say. All I’m saying is we can agree that he isn’t who we wanted in the White House but let’s show some respect towards each other. Stop bullying those who voted for him we each have a right to our voice. Who knows he might surprise us and be an awesome president or at least this will be the most entertaining four years ever.