Tennis Shoes, Swearing In & The Women

This weekend is going to be filled with non stop activities from President Elect D. Trump to the Women’s March. This morning as I was dressing for work I watch Fox 5 News and they talked about road closures and street blockage. I found getting to work not to bad but there is still tomorrow. I did see a lot of traffic in my neighborhood but I guess that is to be expected. I will not for obvious reason will be attending the inauguration festivities mostly because I have to work. I have read in the Express about how it will be the smallest inauguration in history. Which I am not surprised seeing that Mr. Trump is the least favorite of any president.

Now on Saturday there will be thousands of people from all over that will be in DC mainly to walk in the Women’s March it is said that this march will be bigger than the inauguration. The march is to promote women’s equality and defend other marginalized groups. I have been thinking about attending the march to cover the event for this blog and my followers. I feel it’s history in the making and it’s important. But for those attending it will start at 8a.m-1p.m and metro is opening at 5a.m. The one thing everyone will have to remember about this weekend is to pack your patience.

I would like to hear from my readers about what they think of the inauguration.

This is from the local paper EXPRESS