Big Fan, Chance Meeting & Cloud 9

So I have been on cloud 9 today. I’m gonna explain. As you all know I work at the PWC Club at the Verizon Center and I love what I do. It was about two months ago that I was working the Wizards game and in walks Tucker Barnes and Steve Cheney of fox five news for about the third time and that’s when I knew they were lost. So about their fourth time returning to the club I joked about them being lost which they denied vigorously. But the ladies that were with them agreed with me and I helped them find their way to their seats. Before they left I talked about how much I just love Tucker’s walk. Tucker made a promise that he didn’t keep. I was crushed but I told myself I would make sure he wouldn’t forget his promise. 

So yesterday was an early Wizards game. I was once again working and who walks in none other than Tucker & Steve. I was so excited to see them but I did make sure that Tucker knew of my heart break and then he says I will do my walk tomorrow just for you. Of course I didn’t believe him but being a huge fan of Fox 5 News I was not going to change my daily routine. 

I always watch Fox 5 News every morning so this morning would be no different. As I am  getting ready for work and watching my TV closely I sort of wonder if Tucker was really going to do his walk. I waited in anticipation but soon had to leave for work. So I did the next best thing I recorded the news hoping in some way he would not let me down. All day at work all I could think about was that walk, that sexy daring walk, that walk that says I’m the man. The walk of a confident man. 

I rush home in anxious anticipation and toss aside my coat, purse, shoes, socks and throw myself onto my big comfy bed. I grab the remote and push play and there it was my long awaited, dreamt about “The Walk.” Tucker even talk’s about how he promised his walk to me and even though he couldn’t remember my name, he remembered the promise. And I couldn’t stop screaming, giggling watching him walk across the newly waxed floor looking ever so dapper. I his most devoted fan have watched that segment numerous times and each time it brings me so much joy. Although I can’t believe Steve doesn’t remember me but that’s okay.

I will always be a fan of fox 5.

I did have a video but it couldn’t upload