Power Plays, Outscored & Crashing The Boards

Tonight I watched my Caps play it started out good for us even the NBC announcers was praising us something they never did before. Burakovsky made the first goal then Backstrom scored the second goal. And eventhough Holtby was getting  hammered he held the net. Justin Williams made the third goal. During the game Oshie gets hit in the face with a stick by a Penguins player and leaves the ice but soon return. The Penguins start to play dirty which isn’t anything new but fights break out between both teams. For awhile it didn’t look good for the caps. A little bit later Holtby was sent to the bench to rest and Grubauer was in the net. First Penguins tie the game then Caps tied the game. John Carlson did not play tonight. Afterwards the game ends with Penguins winning  8-7. I will have to say this was an intense game with everything happening to keep it from being boring including fights. 

Next game: Caps vs Hurricane on Monday January 23rd at 7pm