Morning Vibes, Hot Tea & Gratefulness 

This morning I wake up feeling awesome even though I have to work a double. While yes it’s Kings birthday there are games to be played. There is a Wizard then Hoya game so I will be working an entire day. I feel blessed to be able to see this day and I did do my praise dance. Lately I’ve been thinking about going from pre paid to post cellphone account but still not sure. I do want to get a faster pad because the one I have is slow. I’m very hesitant about making the switch although I will stick with the same cellphone company I’ve been with for some time TMOBILE. I’m very satisfied with there service. 

I drink my hot tea so that I can relax before I get ready for my long work day. My day is just beginning. 

I would have liked to be able to celebrate King’s life by attending a ceremony but I just am not able. 

My plan is to one day visit the African American Museum.